Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Newsday strikes again

Ethical journalists treat sources, subjects and colleagues as human beings deserving of respect.

But do our journalists abide to this?
Well you be the judge.
For the past week Haiti has been on every news channel worldwide, with the gruesome footage of dead bodies, the miraculous rescues and the endless complains for inadequate supplies. Yet, nothing had prepared us for the front-page of Tuesday’s Newsday.
Nothing could have been more unethical.
Exactly what was Newsday thinking, what was the rationale for choosing such a photo?
We are speechless….



  1. it is official... newsday is the worst. how or rather what possess these people that they find it necessary to print this sort of thing?!

  2. well yes ....this is wat trini news come to..i tell you no wonder the country is the way it is.....

  3. But we continue to buy from them, so are we any better? We have too many double standards as a society!

    Do you think it was necessary to send a strong message to the world that they would not abuse the charity given to them nor would they condone looting. People in the western world are already saying that the Haitians are criminals, not punishing looters could strengthen that view.

    What do you suggest they do in a case like this? Please tell?

  4. Do you think the printing of graphic images in the paper and on tv has actually helped in the charity effort? Maybe it's a necessary evil...

  5. Media Callaloo27/1/10 9:43 PM

    Well first to begin,our main concern deals with the graphics of the photos, with this in mind the paper could have told the story and omit the photo, instead of plastering it on their front page. Additionally, it is sad to think that our society can only be provoked to offer assistance based on such photos.
    So here is my question…..
    If the situation was reversed would you like our pictures on the front-page?