Thursday, January 14, 2010

Haiti’s Grief

Tears, blood, debris and death, these are the unfortunate elements that currently plague the island of Haiti, in the aftermath of Tuesday’s earthquake. As a result most countries worldwide are pledging assistance in whatever way possible. However, as the tragedy hits newsstands worldwide so are the heartaches and despair faced by these Haitians. The loving and caring media houses that eagerly await the perfect shot of the distraught mother or the poor infant trapped beneath the rumble have indeed out done themselves.

For Trinidad the nominees for most unethical newspaper are:

The Trinidad Newsday

The Trinidad Guardian

The Trinidad Express

And the award goes to........

The Newsday, for they have managed to pollute 7 of their pages from page 3 to 19 with the faces of the Haiti’s grief.

Hats off to you once again you have provided substantial evidence for your lack of ethics.



  1. Hmmm...........Newsday seems to be the clear winner!!!!!!

  2. STEUPS!!!!!!!!!! SICKENING!!!!!!!!!!! BUT WE STILL BUYING IT!!!!!!!!